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Daryl Haegley, SL, GICSP, OCP

Air Force Technical Director, Control Systems Cyber Resiliency


Mr. Daryl Haegley’s distinguished career includes military, federal, civilian and commercial consulting experience. Assigned to the Office of the Principal Cyber Advisor to the Secretary of Defense as Director, Mission Assurance and Deterrence in Cyberspace, he advises on cyberspace activities, cyber mission forces, and offensive and defensive cyber operations and missions. His role encompassed overseeing strategic cybersecurity efforts to protect the control systems and operational technology (OT) enabling the Department of Defense’s (DoD) critical infrastructure. Led multi-Federal Department coordination and writing of the report to the President addressing cyber-physical systems Federal and non-Federal skill and training gaps directed by the America’s Cybersecurity Workforce Executive Order. In addition to all Government Agencies being accountable to advancing control systems cyber security, he developed the first DoD Cyber Work Force Control Systems Cybersecurity Specialist competencies, knowledge, skills and abilities; providing the foundational requirement for thousands of personnel across the Department. Drafted a secure Control Systems Cyber Defense Reference Architecture providing the Department agility and resilience to adversary cyber exploitation to critical infrastructure control systems. Increased Five-Eyes partner’s cyber mission assurance capability through training and table-top exercise implementing DoD’s Advanced Cyber Control System Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures. Partners have now incorporated the TTPs into their cyber mission assurance processes. Reduced cyber risk to the Joint Strike Fighter though completing a cyber risk assessment of its infrastructure control systems providing immediately implementable mitigations. Determined the cyber defender situational awareness capability of select Defense Critical Infrastructure, identifying the who/what/how defense activities occur from the asset’s system owner /operator level up to the mission owner. Mission Relevant Terrain in Cyberspace mapping oversight initiated at OSD level, implementing prioritization of cyber defense and ensuring resilience of critical assets. For the past nine years, Mr. Haegley has brought awareness to the ever-increasing cyber threat to unprotected connected devices and has led the government to make change.

He maintains four certifications, three Masters’ degrees, two college tuitions & one patent.

Daryl Haegley, SL, GICSP, OCP Sessions