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IIoT World Manufacturing & Supply Chain Days

Dec 07 - 08, 2022

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Wednesday - Dec 07Thursday - Dec 08
Wednesday11:00 am-12:00 pm - ET

The Data Factory: Put the data to work.

Sponsored by Hitachi Vantara

Industrial organizations are generating more data than ever before and looking to institute AI and Analytic applications to transform their organizations and give them a competitive advantage, to control costs and optimize operations. Because DataOps is a new concept to industrial, there is a chasm in understanding between IT and OT teams that must be bridged to fully realize sustainable digital transformation for an industrial business.

As an Operations Leader, you understand the value of automation and operations management systems, but may struggle in the IT concepts and terminology that are more well known in commercial businesses such as banking, ad-tech, and insurance. You do, however, appreciate how a factory works and how well-designed production processes execute. Industrial DataOps is a lot like a factory production line in the way it automates, upgrades, improves, and assembles another valuable raw material which is, of course, data. In this session, we will explain Industrial DataOps in the context of the way a manufacturing plant is optimized. This will help to bridge the divide between the plant manager and the central IT manager, allowing the  understanding these techniques of professional data management to drive sustainable digital transformation.

Rich Nagle

Principal Solution Architect

Steven Garbrecht

Director, Industrial DataOps and IoT Platform Product Marketing

Scott MacKenzie

Keynote Speaker